Welcome Students, In this course you will learn how you can take simple steps to increase your scores in 45 days.

This course is beginner friendly and recommended for those of you looking where to start on your credit journey.

What you will learn:

  • The fastest techniques I have used to increase my scores significantly
  • Understanding what your credit is all about and how your scores are calculated.
  • The importance of decreasing your utilization.
  • How to instantly increase your line of credit with Merchandise cards
  • How having an authorized user account can make a huge difference in your scores.

About Me

Hi, I’m Sherry

Hi, I'm Sherry ! 

My credit journey began when i was 20 years old; I was a single parent looking to create passive income through real estate investment. I soon discovered how important credit truly is. 


Through my platform, I share my journey of trial and error from when I first learned to understand the credit system. My passion is to create informational content to teach listeners tips, techniques, and mistakes that I have learned the hard way so that my audience doesn’t have to. 

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Testimony 1

Jomonique's Testimony

"Come on increases!!….My scores have NEVER been this high"

Crystal's Testimony

"Thank you Sherry Beckley..Knowledgeis power!!"

Jae's Testimony

"gave me a 46 point boost. If you dont have those account get them"

Joi's Testimony

"My credit utilization now shows 7%...also my credit line was increased on my credit card"